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Bethany A. Hoppe is a Reiki Practitioner (attuned 2004), Public Speaker, and Student of Preventive Health and Metaphysical Counseling. She holds a Masters in Communications (1997), and is currently earning a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Counseling, and a Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies

Bethany is a professional speaker in Educational Outreach for the rights of women and girls with disabilities. 

Bethany combines her skills in Communication, Reiki, Preventive Health, and Metaphysical Counseling into energy healing techniques to create a unique interactive energy healing session for individual clients that balances and opens personal intra-communication with one’s body, mind, and spirit. Bethany brings an awareness and hold space for spiritual seekers who also deal with manifested physical challenges, based on her lifetime experience of living spiritually aware with disability. 

Bethany writes the Lifesytle Blog “Raspberry Vogue: Lifestyle of a Rolling Diva” (, a lifestyle blog highlighting life and it’s rich lessons from the perspective of a wife, mother, and university instructor who happens to have a disability.

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