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Welcome to the official page of Bethany A. Hoppe, author of "Raspberry Vogue: Lifestyle of a Rolling Diva!"  Bethany promotes the status of women with disabilities through writing, speaking, educational outreach, and teaching a whole-person approach to maintaining social, occupational, spiritual, and a healthy balance of complimentary preventive medicine.  A 2014 TEDxNashville Speaker, Bethany combines academic research and personal narrative in a humorous, spicy delivery style that leaves audiences educated and inspired to take their next step in achieving balance in their lives, with or without disabilities.

Bethany is a Communicative Reiki Practioner and Metaphysical Guidance Counselor with Everest Energetics, providing a stylized, modern-holistic approach to personal growth, recovery, and whole-person physical, emotional, and mental healing as a spiritually-baed supplemental modality and support to traditional medicine and counseling.  Bethany is a Certified Level II Reiki Practitioner, and utilizes both Reiki and counseling in concert in her private sessions.  Bethany has been attuned since 2004, and is currently completing her Doctoral degree in Metaphysical Counseling.  

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