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As the author of the former blogs, Raspberry Vogue and Rolling Diva Lifestyle, Bethany A. Hoppe has focused her writing into individual projects that focus on a variety of subjects.

Her first book is a children's book, Molly B. Golly's Wonderful Dancing Debut.  Growing up, Bethany loved the work of Beverly Cleary, particularly her energetic character, Ramona the Pest.  While enjoying the series, Bethany always felt as though children's literature was missing an energetic, vibrant character who happened to have a disability.  Following the mantra, "Write the book you want to read," Bethany decided that young girls with and without disabilities needed to have a storybook character they could directly relate to.  

Ms. Hoppe still occasionally works as a contributing writer to mobileWOMEN, the online magazine for women with disabilities, and periodically posts short articles and essays on this website.
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